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Pam Setser has the voice of an angel. That, and the fact that she has assembled some beautifully written songs and some of the greatest musicians on earth, not to mention Arkansas, makes this album a must have for anyone who appreciates a wonderful musical escape to the Ozark Mountains. I know you're going to enjoy this! Now, listen to "NOW"!” - Shawn Camp

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Pam Setser - NOW

Pam's newest album, Now, reflects her life in music. It is an Americana mix of folk, bluegrass, gospel, 1930s swing, and country. The album is rich with beautifully written songs and strong arrangements. One of the top Arkansas Americana artists, Pam performs live in concert and also has a strong social media following on Facebook. Enjoy this new album "Now"!

Pam Setser's life story is a life of music. 

Pam Setser's life story is a life of music.  

When Pam was 5-years-old she began singing with her mom and dad's family band and continued for 16 years. Later, she became a working mother and raised her own family while still continuing to make her music.  For Pam Setser, music has always played a role in her everyday life and still does today for the talented singer and multi-instrumentalist.  

Along the way, Pam's voice has been heard on numerous albums, with her parents and on three solo works, including her current Now CD. The 13-song Now album is a collection of Americana music containing folk, bluegrass, gospel, country, and 1930s swing.  Wow!  Pam embraces a wide variety of styles and sounds within her musical toolbox.  

It all began with her family.  

"I started singing when I was 5 years old," Pam says. "My dad was already playing some guitar, and my mother played some autoharp…so we started playing as a family band, The Simmons Family."  

Singing in church was a part of Pam's life – her grandfather was a Baptist preacher until his death; however, Pam also kept music as a big part of her everyday life and creation. The Simmons Family Band allowed Pam to appear on the iconic television show Hee-Haw and created a rare opportunity to meet legendary greats Maybelle Carter, Doc Watson, and Merle Haggard. Pam has also had the honor of sharing the spotlight on stage with Grandpa and Ramona Jones, The Whites, and Joni Bishop. In addition to appearing as a solo artist, Pam performs with the Pam Setser Band, Apple & Setser, Leatherwoods, and Ozark Granny Chicks. In other words, her musical talents are well in demand these days and have been for many years.  

Pam grew up in the charming, historic town of Mountain View, Arkansas, a city of 2,800 or so in the Ozarks that has a rich tradition of preserving folk music and culture. She still calls Mountain View her home and has performed at the Ozark Folk Center since 1973.  

In addition to her singing, Pam plays autoharp, mountain dulcimer, spoons, guitar, and upright bass.  

Of all those instruments, the mountain dulcimer is her favorite. "It has such a sweet sound, and I have such wonderful memories playing duets with my mom."  

Being left-handed in a right-handed world can be a bit of a challenge. "Most of my guitars have been custom ordered," Pam says. "Not every music store carries instruments for left-handed instrumentalists”.  Pam's latest prize guitar is a Red Gibson J200 that was located after a three-year search mission. After waiting patiently, she was able to locate the Red Gibson J200 at a store in Texas called Southpaw.  

You can find Pam on several recordings such as The Simmons Family Band, who recorded four albums, and on five mountain dulcimer projects with her mother. Setser's solo albums are At Last, Crooked Ridge, and her latest, Now.  

Pam's musical influences included lessons from her parents, and listening to the sounds of Anne Murray, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, The Whites, James Taylor, and John Prine (not a bad list of influences!). Mountain View musicians Dean Hinesley, Buddy Lancaster, Charley Sandage, Kay Thomas, and Judy Klinkhammer also played a big part in shaping the sounds of Pam's music.  

Pam is currently a Bell Buckle Records artist. Record label owner Valerie Smith says "I couldn't be more excited to add Pam Setser to our roster; she is talented, writes unique songs, and has her very own raw, honest musical style”.  

Keep visiting her website for current shows and the new music that is to come!